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Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance services are a great way to maximize your vehicle’s performance. Interestingly, many people neglect these services to avoid the cost.

However, not paying attention to these maintenance services on your car will soon result in costly auto repairs that can be spotted earlier and avoided.

We recommend carrying out these services on your car regularly every 10,000km or six months, whichever comes first.

What does preventive maintenance mean?

If you are thinking of bringing your vehicle to the EFFEX auto service center, here are some of the preventive maintenance services that are carried out. These include visual inspection and change of:

  • Oil change 
  • AutomotiveTransmission fluid 
  • Oil filter 
  • Engine air filter
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid 
  • Coolant fluid

We also inspect other components that are deemed necessary using professionally prepared Multi-Point Inspection Sheets (MPI).

Benefits of preventive maintenance to your car

Preventive maintenance helps improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Other benefits of preventive maintenance services include:

  • It saves money on costly repairs
  • Spots problems at early stages and prevents them from aggravating
  • Keeps car in optimum performance
  • Maintain the safety of the car
  • Retains the value of the car

Why choose EFFEX auto service center?

EFFEX is a dedicated auto service center with experienced automotive technicians and customer service management. Our technicians have varied expertise of up to 40 years of experience.

At our service center, we ensure the use of original and quality replacement parts and products. We are focused on adhering to guidelines and standards specifically tailored to deliver our customers the highest level of services.

Our core values are teamwork, customer commitment, accountability, and a passion for delivering quality services.

Our teams include diverse people, ethnicity, skill, and experience. Feel free to contact us via mail at info@effexauto.com or call +97142589444. You may visit 13 street, S.A-5 Umm Ramool, Dubai.