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Brake Repair & Services


Brake Repair & Services

Your car’s brake repair is one of the crucial parts of your car, and its maintenance is essential to your safety.

Despite how crucial the brake system is, many still neglect the proper maintenance of their vehicle’s brake, putting their lives, family, friends, and properties in immediate danger. 

At EFFEX auto service center, we understand the importance of the brake system, and that is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to inform our customers and readers on the importance of brake repair and services.

Here are some brake repairs and services at the EFFEX auto service center.

1. Brake pad or shoe replacement

The brake pad or shoe generates friction required to slow and eventually stop the tire rotor. Because of its excessive exposure to friction, the pad will suffer from wear and tear. 

At EFFEX, our expert measures the brake pad’s thickness and recommends a replacement when needed. You can be sure we use genuine parts for your vehicle.

2. Brake fluid Inspection 

Brake fluid magnifies applied force from the brake pedal to the brake pads, reducing your effort when applying brakes.

It is hygroscopic, with a high tendency to absorb moisture. Thus, periodic replacement of brake fluid is crucial.

3.  Rotor Inspection and replacement

As we have discussed, the brake pad is responsible for slowing and eventually stopping the vehicle. The rotor is the other part of the system.

It is a smooth surface that the brake pad grips to halt the movement of the car. When the two components come together, the resulting friction slows and eventually stops the car from moving further.

Typically, your rotors are only designed to last till the minimum thickness recommended by the manufacturer (engraved on the brake rotor) is reached. Get your rotor inspected and changed at the EFFEX auto service center.

Why choose EFFEX auto service center for brake service and repair?

EFFEX is a dedicated auto service center with experienced automotive technicians and customer service management. Our extensive brake repair services are offered across the United Arab Emirate (UAE).

We ensure the use of quality replacement parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our core values are teamwork, customer commitment, accountability, and a passion for delivering quality services.

Our teams include diverse people, ethnicity, skill, and experience. Feel free to contact us via mail at info@effexauto.com or call +97142589444. You may visit 13 street, S.A-5 Umm Ramool, Dubai.