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How Do I Know My Car Parts Are Genuine?

How Do I Know My Car Parts Are Genuine?

How Do I Know My Car Parts Are Genuine?

How Do I Know My Car Parts Are Genuine?

According to data sourced online, the US Federal Trade Commission revealed that the fake auto-part sector is estimated to be valued at $12 billion yearly. Sadly, most of the buyers of these car parts are unaware they are buying counterfeit products, which can be hazardous to their safety and others.

For the average user, it can be difficult to tell the difference between genuine and replica parts before purchasing them or after they have been fixed to their vehicles. It is essential that adequate research is done on the kind of parts you are buying to avoid making costly mistakes.

Types of Spare Parts

There are a variety of spare parts available in the automotive industry. They include genuine spare parts, OEM spare parts, aftermarket spare parts, and contrastive fake car parts. The difference between the various spare parts and how to recognize genuine spare parts will be discussed below.

Genuine spare parts are auto parts that the car was built with from the start. Because they are designed for the specific automobile type, approved by the car manufacturers, and have the manufacturer’s warranty, these spare parts are typically the safest choice.

OEM spare parts are those supplied by an outside manufacturer, with OEM standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Except for their production by a different party and their packaging, which bears the name of the OEM manufacturer, these parts are similar to genuine spare parts.

As a more cost-effective substitute for genuine and OEM spare parts, the rights to produce spare parts using a template were usually purchased from the original manufacturer by aftermarket manufacturers.

While the aforementioned spare parts are suitable for automobiles, purchasing fake car parts is highly discouraged. Dishonest vendors produce fake car parts to deceive you. These are inferior automotive components that are sold as aftermarket, OEM, or genuine components.

How To Know If a Spare Part Is Genuine?

Presence of serial numbers and hologram 

A tell-tale sign that you purchased a genuine part is the hologram and serial number. Every genuine OEM/OES spare part has a unique serial number. This can be used to track down the component and determine whether or not the spare part is original. You will also see the unique hologram of the manufacturing company on certain parts.

Certification from relevant authorities 

Also, some auto parts may be certified by organizations like the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (SAE). These certifications may serve as a reliable sign that the parts are genuine.

High purchase price 

An automotive part may be a knockoff or counterfeit if the pricing is unbelievably cheap. Genuine auto parts can be pricey, so if you discover a part that is considerably less priced than others available in the market, it could be a warning sign.


Although fake car parts can be difficult to identify, when you notice that the car part comes in light and cheap packages, the instructions are incomplete or replete with typographical errors, the parts, when compared to your old ones, are mismatched, and they come at a very subsidized price, you should be wary of making a purchase.

Finally, dealing with only trusted sources regarding spare parts shops and service centers is always advised.